Non-Back Bodily Areas Where Massage Therapy is Beneficial, Part 1

For those looking for pain management or injury massage, Jenna Baker LMT is here to help. Jenna’s therapeutic massage services include deep tissue massage, injury massage and numerous other variations of massage therapy to help get – and keep – you feeling your best, including trigger point therapy through focus on specific bodily areas.

Many people think of massage as only a back-and-shoulders-related service, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While massage is indeed great for these common areas, it can also provide major relief to several other areas of the body. In part one of this two-part blog series, we’ll begin looking at some of the additional areas of the body where massage therapy can be beneficial.

non-back areas massage therapy


Many of us don’t realize how often we use our hands during daily activity – we use them for hundreds of different things every day, and the thumbs are a big part of what make them so useful. As one of the only creatures on earth with opposable thumbs, we’re able to do things like grip and throw items that separate us from virtually every other mammal on the planet.

Did you realize, though, that the thumb has eight different muscles in it? This is on top of all sorts of nerve receptors that connect to the body. Massaging the fingers, particularly the thumbs, can relieve tension throughout the body, even if it doesn’t seem connected. You can even do basic thumb massage at home, particularly if you find that it’s sore or stiff, though take the time to ask Jenna about any specific areas you should avoid here so you don’t risk worsening any specific thumb or hand injuries.


Another big area related to the hand is the wrist, which is a vital acupuncture pressure point as well. Massaging the wrist can help calm down a racing heartbeat, and is often used for anxiety relief. In addition, some find stress relief from wearing and snapping rubber bands on the wrists.


The ears are primarily for hearing, but they also contain several important reflex points that connect the entire body. Pressing just near the top of the ears inside the rim, for instance, can help calm many people and even relieve headaches or stress. There are also several other major ear areas that can benefit the entire body when massaged.

For more on unknown areas of the body that are benefited by massage therapy, or to learn about any of our services, call us at Jenna Baker LMT today.

Jenna Baker