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I am an avid cyclist, runner, and skier. I found Jenna 3 years ago, and I have seen her several times. She is incredibly friendly, honest, and clearly takes great pride in her work and business. She truly enjoys and understands massage therapy and she clearly has quite a passion for it. Jenna’s style is deep tissue and myofacial massage. Without knowing much about massage myself, she certainly educated me on the various styles and techniques and their intended purpose. I would definitely classify hers as a fantastic sports massage. If you see Jenna, you will certainly leave feeling satisfied and knowing she put 100% effort into making you feel better. Five stars, no doubt...10 stars if they allowed.
— Joel Trachtenberg

Hours working at the computer left me with shoulder and neck pain. Of particular concern was the constant headaches. Jenna’s massage treatments have provided significant muscular relief and the headaches are significantly fewer. I feel a difference after each visit. If results are important to you, consider Jenna strongly in your decision process. Her office setting is professional, clean, relaxing and easy to access—especially for those who work in the downtown area. Great attitude and a fair price.
— Scott Eggers

I started seeing Jenna a year and a half ago after pinching a nerve in my shoulder, leaving me unable to lift any major upper body groups. With just a couple sessions I was back in the gym pain free and had more mobility in my shoulder than I did even before the injury. She also helped me through my training for my first half marathon. I currently lift weights 5-6 days a week and am training for a marathon in December. As an avid weight lifter, it became difficult for me to recover quickly enough from lifting to be able to get my long runs in without running the risk of overtraining or experiencing excessive pain. I didn’t want to give up weight lifting, but I also can’t afford to skip out on my marathon training. Jenna has been an incredible help in making it possible to continue my weight training and maintain my mileage. She’s always very friendly and professional, and shares her knowledge to make sure I understand what’s going on with my own body as well as help me find ways to increase my flexibility/mobility between sessions in order to decrease my risk of injury. Whether you’re trying to recover from an injury, trying to avoid the risk of injury while boosting the efficiency and intensity of your training, or simply just need to release muscle tension, I would definitely recommend seeing Jenna.
— Erin Schoper

It’s quite simple: Jenna is a fantastic massage therapist. Whether you’re in pain, or just want to push your training to the next level, don’t hesitate to give Jenna a call. She is professional, is an amazing person, and really knows her stuff. She takes the time to really listen to you to find where your problem areas are and then tailors each session accordingly. She really understands how your muscles work (or don’t work, as the case may be), and her techniques reduced my pain and continue to help me heal. As an avid computer user, I was hit by an RSI to both arms. Months of rest and insurance paid physiotherapy helped some, but I started readying myself for the reality that I might never return to the career I love. Luckily, I took a chance on massage therapy and it has made all the difference! Jenna has been a big part of my healing success, and I’ll always be grateful for her expertise. You don’t have to hurt, call Jenna!
— Josh